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Hanover County Gets Slammed With $19M Lawsuit

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Virginia farmer sues Hanover County for alleged 4th Amendment rights violation during a “traffic safety checkpoint”

Farm Use tags

King William and Hanover, Va. – A Virginia man from King William County area has filed a federal lawsuit under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for deprivation of rights (case: 3:12CV873), after allegedly being assaulted and battered by deputies from Hanover County Sheriff’s office for not providing a driver’s license during a traffic safety checkpoint.

According to the 18-page complaint filed on December 12, 2012, Roy Miller, was traveling along Va. Route 30 on September 27, 2012, in his pickup truck with “Farm Use” tags, when he was stopped by Deputy David T. Parrish, and was demanded to provide his driver’s license.  Miller refused to provide a license which isn’t required for him to obtain as a farmer operating a vehicle for farm use or personal traveling.

Virginia’s Free Health Clinics

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The Healthcare issue in this country is still far from been resolved. I’ve been asked a few times—“what are we going to do with those that can’t afford health insurance right now, in the meantime?” To be honest, I’m not sure what WE, as a nation, are going to do, but I know there is help available to those who seek it.

Virginia’s IT Meltdown

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VITA Meltdown

Photo: Illustration of the frustration over VITA's rip-off

I’ve recently learned about the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) was asking for more money to be added to their current contract.  I told myself—“That’s impossible; they are already getting billions of dollars coming from taxpayer’s money.” So I’ve decided to do a little digging myself in an effort to better understand the facts and the situation.