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Criminals not required to register firearms

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U.S. Supreme Court’s 1968 Haynes v. U.S. – Criminals not required to register there firearms according to U.S. Supreme Court due to self-incrimination protection.


Haynes, a convicted felon, was convicted of unlawful possession of an unregistered short-barreled shotgun.  He argued that for a convicted felon to register a gun was effectively an announcement to the government that he was breaking the law and that registration violated his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.  The court, by an 8 – 1 margin, agreed, concluding:

“We hold that a proper claim of the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination provides a full defense to prosecutions either for failure to register a firearm… or for possession of an unregistered firearm.” Haynes v. United States, 390 US 85 – Supreme Court 1968

So, when these gun registration schemes are announced, be aware that only lawful gun-owners are required to register their firearms. Unlawful owners are exempted from registration laws due to their constitutional protection against. (Summary from American Rifleman, March 2000, page 20).

Right to Travel – Brief in Support

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Papers Please Nazi

This document is a combination of 3 documents brought to my attention, including Va. Code statues. I hope that some of the case law can be useful for someone.



     COMES NOW the accused, appearing specially and not generally or voluntarily, but under threat of arrest if he failed to do so, with this “BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF NOTICE FOR DISMISSAL FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION,” stating as follows:


     If ever a judge understood the public’s right to use the public roads, it was Justice Tolman of the Supreme Court of the State of Washington.  Justice Tolman stated that “complete freedom of the highways is so old and well established a blessing that we have forgotten the days of the ‘Robber Barons’ and toll roads and yet, under an act like this, arbitrarily administered, the highways may be completely monopolized. If, through lack of interest, the people submit, then they may look to see the most sacred of their liberties taken from them one by one by more or less rapid encroachment.” Robertson vs. Department of Public Works, 180 Wash 133, 147.

The words of Justice Tolman ring most prophetically in the ears of Citizens throughout the country today as the use of the public roads has been monopolized by the very entity which has been empowered to stand guard over our freedoms, i.e., that of state government.

The Freeman and Strawman Explained

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The Freeman and Strawman Explained.