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They Are Coming For Your Guns

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Faces of gun control

This seems to be rumor at this point, but is critical information to be on alert and pray.

Retired Kansas State Trooper Greg Evenson on the Pastor Butch Paugh GCN radio show 12-20-2012 said he’s being told (rumor) we have 30-60 days after the inauguration before it ALL hits the fan.

He said that mercenaries will be used against gun owners under the ruse/guise of looking for ILLEGAL guns. Expect random gun raids across the country all in the name of searching for illegal guns. I also expect the media will be hammering us with “turn in your gun” messages at the same time trying to get people to voluntarily surrender their guns.

Greg said he will not surrender his guns even if he’s the only one left in the country! Pastor Butch said that its time for Christians to arm themselves if you haven’t already done so!

Link to MP3 of the show episode: