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BAR Association Lacks Jurisdiction Over Natural Persons

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Can't Handle The Truth
This document was created by me, based on Rod Class’s documents. I hope that some of the information within can be useful for someone.


COMES NOW, I, YOURNAME, give this Notice to this honorable Court to inform that I hereby cannot take an attorney, I cannot use an attorney; by doing so I would be committing perjury due to the fact I am not a part of the COUNTY OF IDONTWANNABETHERE, COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA or UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, or any of their subdivisions.

This Court, and its officers, by its charter, comes under restrictions.  This Court and its officers, by its own Statutes or Codes, can only operate within an administrative jurisdiction of that government.  I remind this court that attorneys, being members of the BAR association, are members of the “corporation,” pursuant to 36 U.S.C., Chapter 705, do not have standing with a live man [Natural Person] who is outside of the “agency” and “corporation.” Furthermore:

  1. The Bar Association lacks subject matter jurisdiction over a natural person as defined under P.L. 1, 48 stat C1;
  2. The Bar Association lacks personal jurisdiction over a natural person as defined under P.L. 1, 48 stat C1;
  3. The Bar Association only has jurisdiction over “persons” listed as corporations as stated in P.L. 1, 48 stat C1 and under the ruling of Eisenberg v. Commercial Union Assurance Company, 189 F. Supp. 500 (1960).

Please understand that I cannot take nor accept a plea or a reduced sentence.  I’m a free living man living on Virginia in peace and I’m not at war with anyone. I swore no oath; I have no duty to the corporate municipality.

Respectfully submitted,

Nothing I say or write should be considered legal advice. I can only exercise by God-given freedom/right of expression to communicate my opinion.