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Steve Quayle on Hagmann and Hagmann Report

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Show appearances by Steve Quayle on Hagmann & Hagmann Report on BlogTalk

Giants on the Grand Canyon

Photo: Giants on the Grand Canyon, courtesy of

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Stephen Quayle™ is a nationally know radio host (Survive2thrive and Coast to Coast), photographer and author of a number of important books including Breathe No Evil, a primer for understanding bioterrorism, first published in 1996. Additionally he has authored:

  • Angel Wars – Humanity hangs in the balance, with secret, powerful forces aligned against it.
  • Giants – Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations
  • LongWalkers – The Return of the Nephilim
  • Blueprint For Survival
  • Investment Perspectives on Precious Metals
  • Aliens and Fallen Angels: The Sexual Corruption of the Human Race
  • Genesis 6 Giants: Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations
  • Steve is the former editor and publisher of Survival Quest and Security and Survival Chronicles – monthly newsletters which dealt with perilous events and how to prepare for them.

    For the past seven years, Quayle has articulated the need for Americans to be aware of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Upon publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle upstaged mainstream media by years spelling out detailed effects of bioterrorism. Prior to publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle went on record predicting a major chemical or biological attack in a large world city. Three weeks later, the Aum Shinrikyo cult released nerve gas in the Tokyo subway.

    Steve continues to shout from the rooftops, his concern for the massive loss of life due to lack of civil defense and preparation in the public and private sectors. Breathe No Evil was written as an antidote for fear informing people of the necessary steps to take prior to biological and chemical terrorism.

    Learn more about Steve Quayle by visiting