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DataOps Is Here To Stay

Posted by  at Friday April 19, 2019 9:31 am 

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Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

What Is DataOps?

DataOps is a discipline that has become a necessity in a market where the demand for access to data assets and data products is skyrocketing.  The inability of data platform teams and data management platforms to keep pace with the demands placed on them by DevOps-enabled teams led to the development of DataOps.[i]

In a nutshell, DataOps brings together data scientists, analysts, developers, and operations to work on the entire product/service lifecycle, from the design stage to production support.[ii]

SRE vs DevOps: The Basics

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This is an overview for those organizations starting the transition from DevOps to a Site Reliability Engineering integration.

The digital economy has transformed the outlook of all financial transactions, and DevOps is seen as an active contributor in this new paradigm. There has always been a need for faster deployment of IT infrastructure. Organizations should consider the implementation of DevOps for accelerating application delivery. There is also another approach promoted by the IT professionals for the management of IT infrastructure that is popularly known as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). SRE follows the same core principles as that of DevOps; however, its significance is seen mainly in large scale frameworks such as Google.

Achieving Zero Failure

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These are the pillars of Zero Failure

After years of walking the DevOps and Resiliency road, I can come to the conclusion that Failure is to not being able to Recognize, Measure and Partner and CICDCF.  Well, that feels kind of cheesy and tricky, doesn’t it?  Let me explain.

My Motorola Xoom

Posted by  at Satday April 9, 2011 8:14 am 

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Motorola Xoom Tablet

Motorola Xoom Tablet

After weeks of research and playing with a first-generation iPad, I’ve made my decision to purchased a Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi tablet a week after it came out. I own a Motorola Droid first generation. My experience with Motorola products has been a pleasure, from CB radios to communications appliances for my government clients; Motorola has delivered quality products for the most part.

TurboTax, Not So Turbo After All

Posted by  at Friday May 7, 2010 1:27 pm 


TurboTax Email Confirmation

Photo: TurboTax Email Confirmation

I’ve started receiving emails from Intuit’s TurboTax service. This was very strange, especially because I have not used their service this year. The email was addressed to RAMON MARTINEZ. Obviously we both share the same last name, but RAMON is nowhere near PEDRO when it comes to spelling. Regardless, I’m now receiving all his tax information online, and could potentially change his Intuit’s account password and make some damage. So much for online security.

Ordia Solutions for Law Enforcement

Posted by  at Monday March 29, 2010 9:14 pm 

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[slideshare id=3588925&doc=ordiasolutionsforlawenforcement-100329162342-phpapp02]

Ordia Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical, tactical, interoperable, collaborative, and mobile command & control solutions for first responders and their chain of command. Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™ (blue force tracking system), AdvanTraq™ GPS and AdvanTraq™ GPS Mic form the only product suite on the market that seamlessly integrates all three key command and control functions: tactical planning, real-time collaboration, and blue force tracking, into one easy-to-use, ready-out-of-the-box solution.

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