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Convert 3GPP to MPG-4 and More

Posted by  at Monday March 22, 2010 12:00 pm 

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Super by eRightSoft

Photo: Super by eRightSoft

I’ve recorded a video interview at last week’s Social Media Club event in Richmond, VA with my new Droid smartphone from Verizon. The video came out excellent taking in consideration the lack of lighting at the venue. Once recorded, I’ve downloaded on my Windows 7 laptop and it played flawlessly. I’ve also uploaded the video to Facebook and YouTube without issues.

Manage Multiple Gmail Account With One Firefox Session

Posted by  at Tueday January 26, 2010 3:45 pm 

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Gmail Manager

Photo: Fifefox Add-On Page for Gmail Manager

Someone asked me earlier how to manage multiple Gmail accounts without Using any email clients or 3 different browsers. After a quick Google search, I’ve found this little neat add-on for Firefox called “Gmail Manager.” The add-on is not new by all means, but it is one not familiar to a lot of folks.

Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™

Posted by  at Wedday January 20, 2010 5:22 pm 

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Mobile Tactical Collaboration System

Photo: Mobile Tactical Collaboration System Snapshot

In the past few weeks, so many people have asked me what do I for living. That’s obviously a good indication that I need to do a better job branding myself out.

I have a full-time job that pay for my monthly bills. I’m an Associate/Manager of Information Technology at SmithGroup, Inc, overseeing IT projects, implementations and daily operations.

Comcast Digital Channels Without Converter Box

Posted by  at Sunday November 8, 2009 7:54 pm 

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Silicon Dust

I have Comcast Triple Play service and I’m happy with it.  I’ve looked at Verizon’s FiOS service, but Verizon didn’t want to rent me a static IP with my residential service.  Comcast was more than happy to provide me with a static IP for an extra $4.95 per month.  I have a few servers at home that I use for heavy software testing and having a static IP is a must.

Green or Eco-Friendly Technology, Really?

Posted by  at Wedday September 30, 2009 9:27 am 


Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Photo: Chesapeake Bay Foundation, an icon for sustainability designed

I’ve replied to @CookWithSaronn’ s tweet about a new project she is working on related to Green Web Hosting, stating—“I look forward to that blog. Green tech is one of my favorite topics…” She replied back to me with –“Cool! I’m very interested in green technology. So what’s new? Fill me!’ I’ve paused for a moment to think about that, while I was sipping on a glass with 2006 Chateau de Cornemps Bordeaux and sporadically watching this week’s episode of “The Biggest Looser.” What do I know about green technology? After all, I’m only an IT pro currently working with one of the top 10 architecture firms on the planet and co-founded a company that helps small businesses go from paper to digital. Well, let’s see.

Got Dropbox?

Posted by  at Tueday September 22, 2009 7:15 pm 



Photo: Dropbox process. Photo courtesy of Dropbox

A few months ago, I’ve found this neat tool called “Dropbox.” Dropbox is a software client that synchronizes (syncs) your files across computers, whether they are running Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems, and they can also be accessed from just about any mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, Netbook, etc.) with internet access using Dropbox’s website. This application (app) also allows files to be automatically backed up to Dropbox servers or another computer. Once the files are synced and backed up, they can be shared with friends or teammates across the web. Seems like a dream come true, doesn’t it!?

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