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I Call That A Wet Weekend

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Chick's Oyster Bar

Photo: Chick's Oyster Bar

Is it hot enough for you yet? Well, I’m really loving this hot weather to be honest. I hate winters and in Richmond, VA we just had a brutal one this year; I’m sure we weren’t the only ones. Warm weather really motivates me to exercise, especially to hit the pavement with a 5K or a 10K morning run as few times a week. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m from the Caribbean, but I do enjoy this hot, sticky weather.

To cool off a little bit, Rosemarry and I decided to go fishing out in the Chesapeake Bay, off Virginia Beach. The drive to Lynnhaven Boat Ramp is roughly two hours. We headed out of the Richmond area around 4am and got there around 6am through I-64. A little tiresome especially when were on the water the night before (long story). We have gone to the Lynnheaven area a few times for fishing since we got our new boat, a 2009 Mako 204 CC (CC stands for Center Console), but never to just go boating and sightseeing; we did a little bit of both this time.

Mako 204 CC

Photo: Mako 204 CC

We got very hungry around noon, but no hungry for the sandwiches, fruits or snacks we always pack. I grabbed my phone and start searching for restaurants in the area. By the way, Verizon has an excellent, comprehensive coverage of the entire bay. Using the Google Maps app on my Droid, I’ve quickly found a boat load of restaurants right on the water, in the Lynnheaven Inlet. Just to be sure we could park the boat and eat, I had Rosemarry call a restaurant called Bubba’s, which seems to be a local favorite according to the reviews.

As we were approaching the restaurant we came across another restaurant next door called Chick’s Oyster Bar. That one looked a lot more welcoming and cleaner. We parked the boat and as we walked in we noticed the World Cup game between USA & GHA was on. As we sat down on our table the American team scored. GOOOOOOOOOOOOALLL! Talking about #doublescore.

Chick's bar area

Photo: Chick's Oyster Bar area

This was a truly a Kodak moment. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was perfect, the drinks and the food was delicious, and the view… to die for. However, the end of the meal was bitter sweet. The U.S. team lost the game. OK, now we can stop sending money to Ghana.

We continued fishing until Sunset and although we didn’t catch anything significant to brag about, it was definitely an amazing day.

Sunday came in and I woke up early after just a few hours of sleep. That’s the downside of been an early bird, you can’t really sleep late unless you are on medication. After coffee, Meet The Press and a chicken hotdog grilled cheese sandwich, I’ve cleaned up the boat. Of course, the day was too nice to simply stay at home and do nothing. So we call some friends and headed for the James River to go water tubing and skiing.

It was a hot day at Osborne Landing in Varina, Virginia. Surprisingly there weren’t that many boats out on the water; too hot maybe? As we dropped the boat, the first thing we heard was that there were a couple of police check points. We in fact stopped at one of them under the I-295 bridge near Dutch Gap. The police was checking for safety equipment and glancing over for any open alcohol containers. What can I say…!?!?

Anyhow, the water tubing was fun, the afternoon full of action and the Sunset was beautiful. Now, we’re just going to have to do it all over again this upcoming weekend.

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