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What’s Your Focus In Life?

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View of Earth from the Moon

Photo: View of Earth from the Moon

During the past few months, but especially in the past few weeks, every time I’ve started to follow someone on Twitter, they normally say thanks and ask me—“what is your focus in life?”

Instead of focusing in anything specific, I just try repeating those things that I’ve discovered do make me happy, over and over. I’m not trying to seek happiness, because I believe happiness is an action not an object or something that can simply be achieved, or arrives in your life out of nowhere. Once I find something I enjoy, I tend to find other that have common interest and would like to share them with me.

So far, I enjoy cigars, wine, talking about government policies and human behavior, technology that make my life simpler, and most of all, I like spending time with my love ones (not necessarily in that order). Do I focus in any of those things? Absolutely! I focus on each and every of those activities, but only when I do them.

The bigger picture

I believe we all humans have a purpose in life. I’m still trying to find mine, to be honest. I stay open-minded about every single topic there is to talk about, with common sense by my side and a cup of tolerance in my heart. I respect every opinion, and respectfully disagree when I can’t find the common sense in it. I expect no less from others as well.

To keep it short, my focus in life is the result of collective moments of happiness that appear in my life while practicing success. And, it’s OK if it doesn’t make any sense to you. Now, what’s YOUR focus in life?