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Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™

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Mobile Tactical Collaboration System

Photo: Mobile Tactical Collaboration System Snapshot

In the past few weeks, so many people have asked me what do I for living. That’s obviously a good indication that I need to do a better job branding myself out.

I have a full-time job that pay for my monthly bills. I’m an Associate/Manager of Information Technology at SmithGroup, Inc, overseeing IT projects, implementations and daily operations.

I’m also the co-founder and VP/Chief Technology of Ordia Solutions, Inc along with current CEO, my business partner and trusted friend, Mr. Joe Ordia. The company was founded in 2005 and it’s dedicated to provide real-time collaboration and situational awareness to law enforcement agencies and first responder units. In simple terms, we are a software company that develops whatever the police pay us to do.

The core of our business is the Mobile Tactical Collaboration System™ (blue force tracking system – GPS) with other added features such AdvanTraq™ GPS and AdvanTraq™ GPS Mic. In simple terms, we provide software similar to Google Maps on serious steroids. This application can be integrated to any other application due to its open and simple framework. If you are the police, you would want to know your units’ exact location and the units would like to know who’s near. You would also want to be able to pull records and other tactical data from multiple sources in real-time.

MTCS Mobile

Photo: MTCS Mobile

Operational Benefits

  • Real-time Situational Awareness
  • Common Operating Picture
  • Multidisciplinary Command & Control
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Coordination
  • Enhanced Officer Safety

Force-Multiplier Capability

  • Critical Incident Response
  • National Security Special Events
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Dignitary Protection
  • Specialized Unit Deployment
  • Search & Rescue Coordination
  • Response to Multiple Simultaneous Incidents

MTCS on Blackberry & iPhones

Some of its system features & benefits include:

  • Real-time Personnel Tracking and Distress Signal for Officer Safety
  • Creating, Sharing, and Collaborating with Multiple Shared Workspaces
  • Multi-Jurisdictional and Multidisciplinary Interoperability
  • Integrates with Leading CAD/AVL Systems
  • Remote Access on BlackBerry(R), Treo, iPhone, and Windows Mobile(R) SmartPhone’s

Now you know the rest of the story. I’ll be looking into transitioning back to the Richmond, VA area this year, so be on the lookout for my resume. And don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn (see icon above).

Cheers & long ashes!