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My Motorola Xoom

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Motorola Xoom Tablet

Motorola Xoom Tablet

After weeks of research and playing with a first-generation iPad, I’ve made my decision to purchased a Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi tablet a week after it came out. I own a Motorola Droid first generation. My experience with Motorola products has been a pleasure, from CB radios to communications appliances for my government clients; Motorola has delivered quality products for the most part.

iPad 2 versus Xoom

I did not look at the two tablets as rivals. Just like personal computers, I strongly believe that each version of operating systems have their place and their purpose for specific demographics. I only focused on these two tablets for their size. Anything smaller would just have felt like a bulky cell phone. Sorry, Samsung! Although both tablets can practically give you the same functions, there were 3 factors that won me over the Android-based tablet: iTunes, Flash and hardware.

Ok, so what’s the big deal about Flash? One may ask, and I’m going to answer. May be is just me, but I do frequent a small number of websites on a daily basis that has a lot of Flash content. I want a tablet that doesn’t feel like a phone when it comes time to browse the web. Having Flash content displayed in the default browser gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I have spent my money wisely. Yes, there is SkyFire browser, but if you have played with both, the default Android browser and SkyFire, you will find the browsing experience on the Android a lot more effortless and seamless when going from website to website and when using features integrating to other apps.

Let me just say it—iTunes sucks. This is probably the most important deciding factor for folks to jump into the Motorola Xoom rather than Apple’s iPad 2. Been forced to use iTunes to manage media and apps has been something that has given me a feeling of been in a prison, chained to my cell. The Android is a plug-n-play device. Plug in the USB cable to the tablet and your personal computer, drag the files you need and you’re done. The Android Market has all the apps that I need for daily use.

The Xoom has the hardware I need, and that’s why I paid a little more. Check their spec comparison and you be the judge.

So I’ve chosen the Xoom over the iPad2 simply for its hardware, the lack of needing iTunes and having Flash application available.

My First Trip with Xoom

I took my Xoom Wi-Fi on my first trip. It was time to put the Xoom to its test, mainly for me to feel better about spending $589 at Costco for it. I left my traveling laptop at home and head down to the Caribbean to meet with the client.

I’ve use the Delta Airlines app to check in the night before my trip. As I’ve rolled with my backpack, I quickly a very slight difference in weight. Very slight difference, because I use a Lenovo x60 laptop which is already pretty light. I’ve found quickly that I didn’t need 3G/4G wireless broadband. Having Wi-Fi was more than enough at the airport. Besides, I could use my Motorola Droid as hotspot if needed.
Throughout the entire trip I use the laptop to check email, take notes, get on Facebook and make a couple of purchases. I’ve downloaded a few apps that until today, 2 weeks later, I’m still using on a daily basis.

My Andoird Apps

This is my app list:

  1. Default email/calendar/contacts clients: Android’s default email client does everything I need. I could use a more enhanced formatting that would allow me to copy and paste images, but I’m sure it will come one day.
  2. Default internet browser: With the integration of Flash, I’ve found the default browser to have the best user experience. I’ve tried Firefox and SkyFire as well.
  3. Square: I can accept credit card payments with my tablet. I’ve used it twice so far.
  4. Default media player: I was able to convert 2 movies to MP4 in my personal computer, then dragged and dropped them in my tablet to watch it during the 3-hour flight.
  5. YouTube: I use it every morning to catch up with Coast to Coast AM.
  6. Evernote: This is a little app I use every day, all day long.
  7. Astro: Their free version allows you to browse the file system of your tablet
  8. Delta: I try to use Delta Airlines for all my U.S. travels. This app has come handy for checking in, but it’s not completely necessary since I can always use the website
  9. Dropbox: I like to have a few files handy at all times.
  10. Angry Bird: Addictive game
  11. Dropwords: Super addictive game

I seriously did not need my laptop for my recent trip, but I can’t say my Xoom is a laptop replacement. It took me a day to figure all the tricks and learn how to type and jump from app to app rapidly. I’ve tried the Kindle device and the Kindle app on the Xoom and iPad 2, but I’m sticking to paper to enjoy my books; that’s just my preference. Next thing to try will be a DJ app during my next house party, the video chat and network printing (for my plane tickets). Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.